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Dasin Holdings Pte Ltd was incorporated in Singapore in 1992. The company’s main business activities include worldwide ocean cargo transportation, ship management, ship chartering and shipping agency services.

Dasin Holdings Pte Ltd is a subsidiary of CGN Nuclear Technology Development Co., Ltd. The parent company is a large comprehensive enterprise listed on the China Stock Market and its business scope covers ocean transportation, construction project contracting, pelagic fishery, international trade , manufacture electron accelerators, provision of electron beam irradiation processing services, supply of modified polymer materials etc.

Dasin Holdings Pte Ltd, besides focusing on the core business in Supramax bulk carriers among its fleet of vessels, it is also expanding in other areas like ship management and ship chartering. The company has a team of highly qualified professionals, who are experienced in sea transportation and cargo management. Together, we offer you effective and modern enterprise management.

The company will continue to expand the scope of vessel chartering and strengthening the company’s enterprise management to achieve the objective of “Greater Safety, Greater Eco- environment”.


大新控股有限公司由中广核核技术发展股份有限公司控股。集团公司为中国上市公司,是综合性大型企业集团, 其业务主要涉及远洋运输、工程承包、远洋渔业、进出口贸易、电子加速器制造、高新材料辐照加工等领域, 与世界100多个国家和地区的数千家客户建立了友好、稳定的业务合作关系。





CGN Nuclear Technology Development Co.,Ltd.