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Industry Update

BIMCO update on weapons’ licences and permits

28 January 2015

BIMCO has drawn attention to concern about the activities of a small minority of PMSCs who may be operating contrary to GUARDCON and the conditions of their weapons’ licences and permits.

BIMCO continues to urge members to exercise “due diligence” in checking that their chosen security company is operating with valid permits and licences. This means that owners and operators should check carefully the security company named in the weapons’ ”End User Certificate” (which lists the serial numbers of the weapons to be used and which owners and operators should insist on seeing).  PMSCs are required to provide certificates that match the name of the security company stated in  GUARDCON, or any other contract employed for the transit covered.

They should also check that the serial numbers of the weapons to be used in that contract match the ones used by the PCASP embarked.  If the name of the PMSC on the certificate does not match or, the weapon serial numbers to be used are not listed on the certificate, then the validity of the licence and the PCASP handling the weapon is suspect. A mismatch of names indicates that the PMSC is not legitimately certified to use the weapons. This is a breach not only of the End User Certificate but also GUARDCON.

It has been reported to BIMCO that weapons covered with an originally legitimate end user licence are being leased to third parties and indeed in some cases sub leased again.