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Dasin Holdings Pte Ltd was incorporated in Singapore in 1992. The company’s main business activities include worldwide ocean cargo transportation, ship management and ship chartering. Dasin Holdings Pte Ltd, besides focusing on the core business in Supramax bulk carriers among its fleet of vessels, it is also expanding in other areas like ship management and ship chartering. The company has a team of highly qualified professionals, who are experienced in sea transportation and cargo management. Together, we offer you effective and modern enterprise management. The company will continue to expand the scope of vessel chartering and strengthening the company’s enterprise management to achieve the objective of “Greater Safety, Greater Eco-environment

大新控股有限公司于1992年在新加坡注册成立。现旗下有船舶管理公司、租船公司。 大新控股有限公司主要从事国际海上货物运输、船舶管理、船舶租赁、船舶代理等业务。公司拥有以大灵便型散货船为主力船型的远洋船队,同时开展船舶管理和租赁经营等业务。 公司推行现代化管理理念,拥有高素质的专业管理人员,积累了丰富的航运管理经验。公司将继续致力于壮大公司船队,拓展船舶租赁业务规模,加强企业管理,使船队“更安全,更环保”,给客户提供优质的服务。

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Managing Director Speech

Maintaining trust is more important than ever in today’s global business environment. Wherever Dasin operates, we strive to conduct our business in a manner reflecting our Safety and Environment Protection Policy. Dasin has numerous policies and systems in place to help ensure that our business practices and operation are consistently effective, responsive and highly principled. We are committed to achieve this through integrity and sound corporate governance.

Today Dasin Holdings Pte Ltd is recognized as the preferred business partner worldwide. Our businesses and services are made possible in large part by your generous and valuable support.

We continuously strive to maximize the value we bring to our Customers, Business Partners and Stakeholders alike. Efficient and effective fleet operations, optimal logistics, and technical expertise all contribute to this effort.

Meanwhile, we have expanded our businesses to areas like Ship Management and Chartering. We believe these enterprises will provide opportunities for future, sustainable growth.

The complexities of businesses in a global economy create challenges for companies striving to operate in an effective and socially responsible manner, thus we focus on our key expertise to engage more effectively with local communities, such unique opportunities enable us to embrace our obligation to be good corporate citizens.

Openness creates opportunities for dialog with our Customers, Business Partners, Stakeholders and Employees. We maintain corporate transparency and conduct ethical business practices. Such would enable awareness of emerging problems and fast resolution turnaround, hence greater efficiency.

Lastly, I would like to thank all our invaluable Customers, Principals, Business Partners and Employee for their continuous support and strength given to us in our progressive success, and realizing our vision and goals.

Mr. Zhang Lan Shui
Managing Director

Our Department

We are made up of a highly qualified and specialized individuals. For 30 years, vessels under our management have been plying all over the world, sailing across all oceans and continents. We are made up of the following departments.


Being seafarer themselves, the Safety team ensure onboard vessel operations are in compliance with international regulations & Company’s policies, particularly on health, operational safety, quality and environmental protection.


Providing expert technical support and practical advice from our Technical team, they ensure operational effectiveness and cost-efficiency on all vessels, as well excellent maintenance standards are maintained

Shipping/ Chartering

With these dedicated and experienced personnel, the Shipping team ensure smooth operation on  all commercial aspect. All from fixture and post-fixture to insurance issues.


Being the lifeline of  the business, our experienced Accounting team work to ensure that funds are utilised in the most prudent way, from funds draw down  to disbursement  with optimum balance.


The crewing team places enormous emphasis on recruiting and training the highest quality of manpower resources, with strict screening and processing of crew.